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Motor 4:
Complete Performance Turnkey 350 Cubic Inch with Chrome

A muscle car favorite: Hot sound, hot performance with lots of show and chrome, and affordable (our best buy)! Estimated 340-380 HP pending cam selection.

We use a seasoned 350 block fully machined, balanced and blue printed for performance with performance cam, lifters, double row timing set, oil pump, shaft and pick up, new pistons, rings and bearings, topped off with machined performance heads with hardened seats and 2:02/1:60 stainless steel valves.

We then include as standard features:
- Hot cam
- 750CMF performance carb with electric choke
- High polished aluminum 180 high rise intake
- Performance HEI distributor with 50,000v coil
      8 MM wires, AC plugs
- Fuel pump with lines
- Starter
- Performance balancer
- Oil filter
- Flex plate
- Water pump

Plus chrome oil pan, timing cover, dip stick, carb fuel line, double-groove water pump and crank pulleys along with chrome aluminum ball milled tall valve covers.

Affordable - Running - Performance Show Looks - Customizable*

Only $4,195.00

*See our options page for that personable touch

Specializing in complete running engines.

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options for that personable touch.